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An overview of our solutions. . .

Salamander Technologies is the leading supplier of accountability solutions in the USA with more than 400 automated systems installed and over 3,000 manual accountability customers nationwide. Prominent customers include the United States Capital Police, Dallas-Ft. Worth Dept. of Health, City of Richmond, Dept. of Defense Fire Training Academy, Redstone Arsenal, State of Michigan USAR, Pocono Raceway, and Michigan State Police - Super Bowl Security.

The goal of our solution is simple: to unite our country's emergency services with interoperable, NIMS compatible systems for tracking all responders, volunteers, and victims at an incident. Tracking information is managed on-scene to ensure accountability, safety, and site access control. The information is made available to off-scene facilities for wide-area resource management during a public safety or public health emergency.

The five guiding principles of our solutions:

  • Simplicity: Both manual and electronic methods of accountability with a historical standard SOP and a "no typing" comprehensive electronic solution.
  • Scalable: From a basic EMS run to a five-alarm, multiple structure fire, Salamander Technologies' Solutions can scale with one SOP.
  • Survivable: Rugged hardware, redundant methods and systems, historical data, archiveable, lends new meaning to "Everybody Goes Home."
  • Security: Scene management, data protection/privacy, access control of who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Standard: Unites mutual aid with common ID format and tracking system.

These five principles extend to data management at your command post. From a simple manual accountability system, to a handheld mobile unit, to a laptop PC that turns into an Electronic Command Board - you can graphically display all responding units, personnel, victims, and assets with one solution. NIMS compatible accountability is the call: Salamander Technologies' Accountability Solutions are the answer.

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